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MOLINARI Sambuca Extra


Sambuca Extra Molinari is a sweet and strong

liqueur with a base of essential oils extracted through steam distillation of the seeds of

intense star anise.


Aroma: Anise seed and fennel and celery stalks.



Taste: The aromas with notes of black licorice

and rock candy, straw, and coleman's fuel.



Welcome to Molinari

In 1945, Angelo Molinari created what was to become one of Italy's most celebrated masterpieces - a smooth, rich, full-bodied liqueur he proudly named Molinari Sambuca. The original Sambuca, today Molinari is the only Sambuca in the world permitted the prestigious ‘Extra’ status.

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MOLINARI Limoncello Di Capri


The classic trattoria aperitif, Molinari Limoncello di Capri is quite simply the finest Limoncello
in Italy, made from sun-kissed lemons of the legendary island of Capri. This is a limoncello like no other.


Aroma: The nose is bright and fragrant with a clear hint of lemon flavour.



Taste: The light and crisp taste of lemon washes away cleanly and quickly prompting the next sip. The flavor is long and lasting with a noticeable bite.


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