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Welcome to Elijah Craig

Reverend Elijah Craig founded his distillery in 1789 along with Elkhorn Creek in present day Georgetown, Kentucky. He is credited with being the first distiller

to age his whiskey in charred oak barrels, earning his place in history as the Father of Bourbon.

Elijah Craig created a new expression of American Whiskey when he first charred oak barrels to make Bourbon. 250 years later, charred barrels are still integral to our Bourbon-making process; and the

possibilities are endless. Today, all Elijah Craig Bourbons are aged in Level 3 charred new

oak barrels.


Elijah Craig Bourbon Whiskey



Elijah Craig's Small Batch competes in the Nielsen Ultra Premium Bourbon Category.It is the fastest growing brand in the Top 30 by volume.Each small batch is made from mingling of 8-12 year old barrels and is bottled at 94 proof for balance and smoothness.


Aroma: The nose is delightfully complex with notes of vanilla bean, sweet fruit and fresh mint.


Taste: The Whiskey offers a smooth and warm palate, pleasantly woody with accents of spice, smoke and nutmeg with a long, sweet and slightly toasty finish.

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