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Welcome to Don Angel 

True Mexican Tequila distilled from 100% pure Agave, Don Angel is the ultimate smooth choice for sipping or for cocktails.

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DON ANGEL Blanco Tequila


A classically styled, young Tequila, Don Angel Blanco is light straw-coloured, sturdy and powerful, with an uncompromising feel. With its delicate aromas it is a great choice for many cocktails or can be enjoyed simply with a slice of lemon and pinch of salt.


Aroma: A sturdy and powerful tequila with delicate aromas and an uncompromising feel.



Taste: Blanco features notes of black pepper, and is sweet & herbal.


Don Angel Oro.png




Aroma: Has aromas of smoke, wood, citrus,

leather and tobacco notes.

Taste: The taste is incredibly soft and elegant with hints of dark chocolate, vanilla and light cinnamon balanced with subtle notes of pear, apple and lemon for a lightly honeyed and smooth flavour.

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