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Black Velvet Canadian Whisky



This smooth quality is the result of using crystal clear Canadian water plus the finest rye, grains, and corn. The whisky is painstakingly distilled, blended at birth, and put up in premium oak barrels to gently mature. Black Velvet has maintained a loyal following since its inception. It is currently the second-largest Canadian Whisky sold in the United States.



Aroma: The aroma offers a slightly burnt toast on the first whiff. As it opens up a little bit, notes of vanilla and burnt sugar, reminiscent of creme brûlée, creep in as well.


TasteAs it hits the tongue, it’s very sweet with heavy and borderline-overbearing notes of caramel predominating. Hold it on the palate and the caramel is supplanted with slightly harsh charcoal notes along with a spicy tingle from the rye.


Welcome to Black Velvet 

Introduced in 1951, Black Velvet Canadian Whisky is named for its signature, velvet-like texture. The brand was initially known as “Black Label,” but after Jack Napier, the original distiller, sampled the first batch, he changed the name to Black Velvet to reflect its uncommon velvety taste and smoothness.

Black Velvet is blended at birth, distilled and aged 3 years in oak. It is remarkably smooth and slightly sweet with a clean finish.

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