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Welcome to Amarula

Amarula is made from authentically African uncultivated, sun-ripened, handpicked and organic fruit of the sacred Marula tree. It is matured for 2 years in aged French oak casks, and only ever combined with genuine African ingredients. Amarula is the first and only cream liqueur in the world to use real Marula fruit as its base spirit. It is a versatile premium spirit, with exotic natural taste. Amarula is Africa’s most awarded cream liqueur. Amarula Cream is distributed to over 100 countries.


AMARULA Marula Fruit Cream

South Africa


Aroma: Amarula original is fresh, smooth and well-rounded cream liqueur. It has a creamy consistency with subtle tastes of exotic Marula fruit followed by tones of vanilla, caramel and nuts.



Taste: Citrusy tang and a creamy, nutty taste form the palate of this delicious fruit cream.

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