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Welcome to Fauconnier 

Founded in 1829 in Hesdin in the Hauts de France, the Distilleries RYSSEN produced beet based alcohol. To meet with local demands, the family business created a small wine bottling unit. FAUCONNIER

was born.

The original central location within Hesdin was becoming crowded, FAUCONNIER moved to settle in Marconne on a 6 hectares site. This site would be expanded over the years and by the year 2000 had become a modern centre of excellence in the bottling and logistics of spirit categories.

Fauconnier Brandy.png



For 200 years, the marque of napolean has denoted a Brandy of distinction, referring back to one of the favoured tipples of the Emperor himself from young white grapes, aged for years in oak casks.


The Brandy VSOP Napoleon from the ancient house of Fauconnier has been matured in oak for six  years, lending this fine spirit an incomparable flavour and a smooth, rich taste. This is both the classic tipple of the night- time brasserie of La Vieille France, as much as being an essential ingredient to the modern cocktail lounge.


Aroma: Aroma that’s flowery with just a touch of apple and citrus fruit defines this brandy.

Taste: Has an incomparable flavour and

a smooth rich taste.

Fauconnier Spirit Syrens.png

FAUCONNIER French Spirit Syrens 



Aroma: Subtle woody and vanilla notes.


Taste: Fine and elegant this spirit

is characterized by its subtle woody

and vanilla notes as well as its

agreeable roundness on the palate.


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Victor Tripple Sec.png

Victor Fauconnier Triple Sec


Based in the Pas-de-Calais, Northern France, in the heart of the golden triangle with Paris, London and Brussels all within 200km, Fauconnier has been producing world-class spirits for the three capitals since 1829. It is also close to the ports where the famous oranges of the Caribbean island of Curacao are shipped for the production of Fauconnier's signature Triple Sec.

Fauconnier Triple Sec is a crystal clear liqueur, and a complex mixture of citrus fruit, including small lightly bitter oranges originating from the island of Curacao. It has a slightly bitter flavor fragrant and complex citrus flavor, and is an essential addition to any cocktail bar.


Aroma: Aromas of candied citrus fruits.



Taste: It has a slightly bitter flavor fragrant and complex citrus flavor.


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