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Welcome to U'luvka

U’Luvka is an award-winning Polish vodka made using the finest Rye, Wheat and Barley & Oats creating balanced perfection.  It is a recreation of an old alchemical recipe made for the Royal Polish Court in the 16th Century. U’Luvka reconjures the spirit of a legendary vodka created by a famous alchemist at the court of King Sigismund III of Poland in the late 16th century. It has won over40 International Gold Medals for both the vodka and the packaging and design.

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Aroma: The aroma is fresh with ripe grain notes, clean and direct with real body, and a good range of nuances: spice, sherbet and nuttiness.

TasteThe taste is initially delicate with a creamy, lightly buttery character and an impressive, sweet, savoury, spicy balance with underlying ryness expanding further with aniseed freshness and spice. Vibrant grain finish retains freshness and keeps delivering flavour.

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